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I’m leaving this on top for a few days, so look below for new posts. Mindy’s contest will be ready to start voting today. It is on a Facebook so you will need a FB account. Spread the word and vote. FacebookLinkHere





“…I have known Phil since the 7th grade.  All through out high school he was a constant presence in my life.  He is the brother that I never had, and because he is family to me, I am going to do whatever it takes to help him.” – Mindy

David over at www.workingwithme.com sent me this “story” and link and asked me if I would help out and “promote” this fundraising opportunity to help get Phil a lift chair. As it turns out he has the lift chair, but as we all know, Multiple Myeloma can take its financial toll. So Mindy has a non profit organization and has entered it into a contest at MomCentral.com. Beginning March 1st you can vote for Mindy’s organization to help her win $2,000, which she can use however she wishes. She wishes to funnel it into the foundation set up for Phil to help out this family in need.

I know that we are all pretty stretched, but I also know, we are the most amazing people with this disease called Multiple Myeloma. So the least we can do is help out and vote for Mindy’s group so she wins and it will in turn help a fellow Myeloma warrior.

She’ll be putting up more particulars in the next few days. So venture over to her website, read about her and Phil and all that he is has been going through, which sounds like its been pretty rough.

I don’t have anymore particulars, so I will leave it up to you to venture on over to Mindy’s website and check back to get the particulars and do what we can to help her WIN!

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2 Responses to “A Guy Named Phil & a Friend Named Mindy -UPDATE”

  1. Mindy says:

    Thank you so much Lori for posting this. There is however, one discrepancy that I would like to clear up. The non profit is not up and running yet. It is in its infantcy stage. If I happen to win one of the grants from the contest that MomCentral is sponsoring then that money will go towards making the non profit a reality. People are still welcomed to donate toward the cause of starting up the foundation and of course to donate for Phil as he and his family still struggle. On my blog there are two donate buttons. One is specifically for Phil and is clearly marked ” Helping Phil Battle Multiple Myeloma” the other donate button is on the tool bar on the left side, which is marked donate.
    Thank yo so much for getting the word out. I will gladly email you with the link to momcentral when voting is open to the public.

    All My Best,

  2. Lori Puente Lori says:

    Thanks Mindy, since you have corrected my misunderstanding in your comment, I’ll leave it as is, so it will be less confusing! Good luck and people will do what they can to see if we can help.

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