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Dave 2007

Dave grew up in Long Island and attended Cornell University.  He became a successful Telecom Engineer in the 80s and 90s.  After the Telecom industry tanked in 2002 he reinvented himself and got into the wireless internet business working for all the usual companies as a consultant and subcontractor. Eventually, that parlayed into the job he has now and facilitated our move from the east coast to the west coast.

Dave is an amazing person, who is bright, thoughtful,  smart, and a wonderful provider for his family.  This was an exciting change for us, and to suddenly find ourselves thrust into this health crisis was the last thing on our radar.  But then we are certainly not unique in that regard.

Dave was treated for his Multiple Myeloma at University of Arkansas Medical Sciences (UAMS) in Little Rock, Arkansas, at the Myeloma Institute. We began the week of Thanksgiving 2008 and completed everything September 2009. He is currently on a “maintenance therapy” at home (in California) of weekly Velcade infusions, Revlimid (15 mg, 21 days) and Dexamethasone weekly (he’s off the Dex now, June 2010). He has worked full-time throughout.

Dave started in Stage II/III (conflicting opinions) and no organ compromise. He is considered, “low risk” and has no chromosome abnormalities or high risk tumor markers, from the gene array testing. His initial treatment (not at Little Rock) was radiation for pain (lesions on the spine – which I don’t recommend as it impedes stem cell collection, but it sure helped his pain) and Thalidomide/Dex, where he got a Very Good Partial Response (VGPR) after the 1st cycle. Early on in treatment at LR he was deemed and remains in Complete Remission (CR).
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