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Pacific Coast Highway (Not my photo)


“The simplicity of it is, we’ve been living our life. Apparently so have many others. It’s a positive.” – Lori Puente, Myeloma Caregiver 

I was noticing a few things in my stats and so like following bread crumbs, it took me to old haunts. Blogs. Websites. I began to wonder, “Oh yeah, how are they doing, what’s she up to, etc.” And low and behold I discovered that quite a few peeps stopped their regular blogging like I did. Somehow, for some of us, who get a remission and maybe a medication reprieve, Myeloma seems to no longer be defining us or our daily life. It’s certainly a blessing to have that opportunity no matter how short or long it may be afforded us. Anyway, it was a bit heartening to know that they are out doing their thing, hopefully like we have been. 

So I grabbed some photos, a bit of a catch up if you will, to kind of give you a flavor of what’s been happening. Many of you from FB will already be aware, but some of you may not. It won’t be in chronological order most likely. (Trying to figure out where I last left off!)

So I’ll just list the photos and you’ll probably be able to sort it out. 

Made a beautiful Alpaca Shawl on my small loom, a hot air balloon excursion in Lake Tahoe, a Junior High & HS Girl’s meet up in Tahoe and Yellowstone, Dinner with Dave in Tahoe, a new dog, a Jack Russell Terrier (It’s Montana’s – Dax, Daxter, Daxteroni), a road trip, drove Montana across the country in a Honda pulling a small U-haul, Dave and Paula finally meet in person at Rosehaven (looking at a foal), new wedding rings for Dave and I, Hudson and Angelica’s wedding rings (Hudson’s was my father’s and then Dave’s and now his, it’s special), the wisteria Hudson planted in 2008 just gets prettier every year, I visited The Woolery (a weaving store) I order from a lot while I was in Kentucky, some crochet Chemo Caps, Hawaii (Maui), a Myeloma meet up in Arkansas with Bob and Bonnie (2015), a HS Reunion (I was on the committee!), my Tennesee cousin Jean visited me in Old Town Sacramento (Pony Express), a quick overnight visit with one of my dearest friend’s daughter, Leola, who also has completed her PhD (Smartie Pants), STEVIE NICKS CONCERT!!!! and THREE UK Basketball games at Rupp Arena in Lexington. 


“As you walk and eat and travel, be where you are. Otherwise, you will miss most of your life.” – Siddhartha Gautama


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