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“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass. It’s about learning to dance in the rain!” – Unknown

This was my mantra after Dave was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma at age 48. An otherwise healthy male who was a racquetball champion the year before diagnosis. The least likely person you would expect to have MM.

If you are new to Myeloma, I would bet that you’re exhausted, scouring the internet for helpful information. The good news is, it’s a lot better than it was when we were diagnosed in 2008. There are some GREAT MMers/Caregivers who are blogging out there now with good, up to date, information on Myeloma and their own personal journeys.

To give you a quick start, save you some time, go to my “Author’s Picks” sidebar and start there. “Currently Popular” posts is good too. “Blogroll” in the sidebar will lead you to other bloggers who have dedicated themselves to up to date information and research as well as sharing with you their triumphs and difficulties in their journey. Then my “Resources Page” (a tab at the top) will direct you to some other sites along with Books/Quotes which are subpages within my Resource Page.

Check my “Categories” drop down list to direct your reading and then my search window at the top right is a search within my site and you can find stuff that way as well. I use tags to help you in that. So let’s say you are using Melphalan in your treatment you will find my tip on Melphalan and ice cubes.

Once you get settled in, you can come back and read my other posts, but these are the ones you need right now. Good luck to you…


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