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“Dr. Damian Green, a myeloma expert from Seattle Cancer Care Alliance, discusses the role of transplant in myeloma and the continuous refinements to induction therapy. Dr. Green speaks about ongoing studies in myeloma, how pre-targeting radioimmunotherapy might be utilized, and explores the potential to use novel therapies prior to transplant to increase the rate of success.”

Andrew Schorr’s Patient Power website and interviews of specialists and coverage of conferences continues to be a great source of current information, opinions, and data on Multiple Myeloma, it’s treatments, breakthroughs, results.

Here is a link to one with Dr. Damian Green.

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One Response to “Patient Power – Andrew Schorr”

  1. DougC says:

    That was very interesting. I have never heard of that procedure. Dr. Green seemed very positive and confident that his research is on the right track. Thank you for sharing Lori.

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