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The Yarn Shoppe (Elk Grove, CA)

“I don’t mind because I was knitting and when I’m knitting, I’m happy.” My cousin Robin when I told her I had to pull out and restart my project.

So much going on. Writing on the eight labyrinths backlogged all my other newsy stuff.

Last week I had a Myeloma Meet-Up with some MM folks that are part of the Myeloma Support Group Facebook Page. As we were asking questions and such, it was discovered that a number of us were in and around the Sacramento area, so a lunch was hastily scheduled and five of us met up at a Panera Bread for lunch. What a joyful afternoon to spend it with new friends, all connected by something not so joyful, but reaching out to each other like old, long lost friends. One was another caregiver newly on this journey and having the usual diagnosis and insurance issues they are contending with. Another who had a SCT and remission who has relapsed but is stable. Another, who just completed her SCT after smoldering for a number of years and another who had months of a wrong diagnosis who now is facing treatment and is alone. It was heartening as all of us simply stepped up to do whatever we could to support her as she goes through her treatment. I want to take her cats while she’s recovering at home. 🙂 Anyway, it was fabulous as these meet ups always are for me and plans to do this once a month are in the offing.

I really slowed down on my weaving after Christmas. I guess I was just tired. I have been going like a house of fire all year with classes and making things, putting my studio in some sort of order, etc. And a lot of traveling! But I seem to be getting back on track a bit.

This week was Stitches West. Can you imagine a yarn convention? Well, that’s pretty much what it is. I wasn’t able to go last year, but managed to get there this year for one day. It is filled with all sorts of fiber related shops and businesses for knitters, crocheters, spinners and weavers. Mostly for knitters but it all tends to spill over. What a feast for the senses! My local yarn shop was there and she gave us free tickets for the weekend to be “on call” for potty breaks and so on. There are classes, designers, authors, demonstrations, and just a whole host of things fiber related. It was wonderful to touch and see fibers in person I might have seen online.

Ron's Scarf Alpaca/Cashmere

I have finished three scarves in a beautiful Peruvian Alpaca yarn. Two for men and one for a woman. All are dear friends and were gifts and a commission. I got phone calls and emails of gratitude for their lovely surprises. It was wonderful, and a relief. I don’t know why exactly, but when I’m making a scarf just to make it, I work hard and enjoy it’s process and end result. When I’m making a commission or a gift I have a nagging that I hope they like it and it is the right length, color, texture, etc? So of course it was a great pleasure to get their positive feedback. Since I’m still honing in on my products if you will, this is all good.





I’m also knitting something called a Ruana. It is a garment that is akin to a poncho or a shawl. I’m hoping to translate it on to the weaving loom, which won’t be difficult, but knitting it has helped me to better understand the structure. I’ve been looking for a garment to weave that is not sewn or pieced together, nor multiple sizes, but a one size fits all. I’m hopeful that this will fit that bill and then I can do some smaller and one larger and perhaps have 3 universal sizes.

Drop Spindle

While at Stitches I was hoping to get a drop spindle. Drop spindles are how yarn was and is spun in fiber history. It is still done like this in many parts of the world, and precedes the spinning wheels. So why do this now that I have a wheel? Well it will offer me some nuances and understanding about what I’m trying to accomplish on the wheel with fiber at a slower pace. It’s sort of a step that I’m sorry I missed and decided to go back and pick this up. There are all different kinds and it can be yet another topic that will be surprisingly overwhelming if you let it. But I knew roughly what I wanted to get and try and there was a man there who handcrafts them. Not the cheapest spindle I could get certainly, but a pretty one! 🙂

Oh I could go on and on with all that I saw, touched, felt, and bought. But suffice to say, I was only at the party one day, I’m exhausted, I had a great time, and it is still going on!!! (Photos below)

Our son is leaving his current job and is deciding between transferring within the company to a new location or accepting a job offer(s) from other companies. One of them would bring him out here close to us and of course we would just love that. But in the end we want him to be happy and productive, so we wait, and we wait, as he sorts through those details.

Dave has relapsed on the same cold, yet again!!! He refuses to stay home and cancel business trips and so on and he just can’t seem to get fully recovered before it declines again. He’s frustrated with the cold and I’m frustrated with him not taking the necessary steps to minimize his exposure so he can fully get over it.

8 Responses to “Sacto Myeloma Meet-Up & Mish Mash 8”

  1. can’t even imagine the joy and delight your myeloma meet up was. bet your heart was overflowing! and oh, how the description of the yarn convention has whetted my appetite for knitting lessons! loved, loved this mish-mash. the scarves you’ve made look deliciously fabulous. good luck to hudson on his job decision – hope he get’s to be happy, hope it’s near you guys! can relate to the nasty cold virus that is now hitting dave so hard – had it for 5 weeks. my only solace was a trusty supply of nyquil and taking to my bed – curled in a fetal position! hope he gets well soon. love and hugs, karen

  2. Such lovely crafts shown here in these photos – clever lady. I loved reading about your Myeloma meet-up. What a great help you must have been there Lori with your vast knowledge and caring nature. It sounds a wonderful idea to try to met monthly – good support is so welcoming to all of you – to be able to pass and recieve different ideas and good friendships always seem to make troubles less. Here’s hoping that Dave’s cold leaves forthwith x

  3. Lori Puente Lori Puente says:

    Karen, you should definitely get your knitting lessons and then you would be blown away by how much there is on youtube from good folks on almost anything you would need to know with demonstrations. It’s pretty cool really. I can put in some cryptic pattern stitch I can’t remember what it is, like “psso knitting” and it will come up! Then there is Raverlry.com, the fiber haven where everyone puts up there projects and offers tips. Anyway, definitely give it a whirl.

    Thanks both of you on the myeloma meet up comments. It is always a very fulfilling endeavor for me. I learn so much about this journey from the steps of others, even if I’m further along. It’s the stuff of life and courage.

    Dave’s cold seems to be ebbing and Hudson has made his decision and he’s coming to California. I expect him to continue to have some interviews and offers since the word is out that he is looking, so it might change, but for now, he’s moving in this direction and I’m excited. 🙂

  4. a friend and i found the exact perfect knitting shop/lessons, and i am so excited! we just had our 5th grandbaby, juliana, and now i will be over the moon thrilled to be able to knit something for her and our other 4 grandkids.

    YAY! about hudson, but want to jinx it, so will just say enjoy the anticipation no matter how it all ends up.

    glad that dave is feeling better, must be his new immune system is working very well.

  5. Lori Puente Lori Puente says:

    Karen!!! Yay! Have fun!!!!!

  6. OOPS – i meant, “don’t want to jinx it..” ye gads – chemo brain kicking in ALREADY?! XO

  7. Joyce Wells says:

    Have really enjoyed reading your blog and hearing about both yours and dave’s journey. I am a 9yr MM survivor hoping for 9 more years.
    I am also a knitter and loved the picture of your ruana project. Except for when i’m ripping something out, I really find knitting relaxing. 🙂 Can you tell me the pattern name for the ruana? and is it ez, intermediate or advanced?
    Joyce Wells

  8. Lori Puente Lori Puente says:

    Hi Joyce! You can get the pattern here: http://www.anniesattic.com/detail.html?prod_id=22927

    It’s listed as “easy”. The hardest part really has been measuring because it is knit on a diagonal. If you get the pattern send me a note via “contact” at the top of my site and I will tell you what I did and give you a tip on when you are knitting the front panels where it splits. I did it all one color in a hand painted yarn. The pattern is two colors alternating every two rows. It is basically a large rectangle and just straight knitting.

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