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“Dr. Damian Green, a myeloma expert from Seattle Cancer Care Alliance, discusses the role of transplant in myeloma and the continuous refinements to induction therapy. Dr. Green speaks about ongoing studies in myeloma, how pre-targeting radioimmunotherapy might be utilized, and explores the potential to use novel therapies prior to transplant to increase the rate of […]

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Andrew Schorr catches up with Dr. Bart Barlogie in Barcelona at a conference to ask the question, if emphasis is being pushed to make Myeloma a chronic disease is cure still a priority? An excellent interview that of course has some of the scientific complexities that make it difficult for the average layperson to understand, […]

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Jack Aiello Interview

Andrew Schorr: Are you optimistic? Jack Aiello: I’ve said to patients for the last 10 years, if you’re going to be diagnosed with myeloma it’s a lot better now than it was 15 years ago. And that holds true, year after year after year… Thanks David at Workingwithme. 0

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