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“To a journalist, good news is often not news at all.” – Phil Donahue

Do you ever find yourself getting blue, depressed, annoyed for no apparent reason? Generally when I’m feeling this way, its the NEWS. The 24 hour cable news cycle, repeating ad nauseum the disasters, political infighting, and other such bad stuff with scant new real details, but adding more and more speculation, stating they “don’t want to speculate, but…”

I find often, when I’m feeling this way, I just need to turn it all off. Put on some music, read a book, something else. Take a break. That goes for Internet News outlets as well. It can get to you after a while. About 25 years ago someone mentioned this to me and suggested I take a break. It was pretty uplifting I must say. If left unchecked it can just keep pounding you down and you begin to think the world is a dangerous place, people will do all manner of bad things, etc., etc.

Like all things, striking that balance of being informed (which I like to be), up against the constant barrage of strife in the world, crime in the neighborhood, wars, etc., is the challenge.

I remember when Dave was diagnosed, we didn’t watch the news or read the paper for a long time. Dave couldn’t handle it. Every time he turned it on it seemed, to him, that everyone was dying of cancer. I remember writing about this awhile back. It was really just him noticing it. But I understood it was causing him upset and anxiety. So we only watched light television or movies. He didn’t like anything with violence or good vs. evil anymore. He liked light, funny, not too deep movies and programming. He wrapped himself up in a cocoon, protected from life ‘out there’. It turns out that this is actually something those in the know recommend. Having realized years ago what the news and constant chaos can do to one’s psyche, I appreciated Dave’s very natural inclination to protect himself and supported it.

When he started yelling at the political pundits on TV I smiled as I was washing the dishes. He was coming back to life, taking an interest in the world again, moving out of his self absorbed fear. It was a good sign. But I still think from time to time, we just need a break, regain our footing, re-charge our batteries, not lose our view of the wonderfulness of people we encounter in our daily life.

The last few weeks seem to be overwhelming with bad news around the world. I think its beginning to take its toll on me. So I will turn it all off for a while and catch my breath.

Not my blog of course, but you know, all the other stuff! 🙂

“Life does not have to be perfect to be wonderful.”

– Annette Funicello (former mouseketeer!)

3 Responses to “Turn it off! Just do it!”

  1. Angie Murray says:

    I completely understand!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would never watch the news if I had my choice. 🙂 I’d just live in my “happy bubble”.

  2. Kris says:

    I can relate. I went to Toy Story 3 while going through chemo. I couldn’t believe that I suffered a little anxiety when the toys were headed towards the incinerator:) No way could I watch the news or any cop, murder mystery type shows. I still don’t. To be positive, you have to surround yourself with positive things. Hope you and yours are doing well. I have been so involved with my family and keeping on top of my own health that blogging has taken a back seat. Hope to get back to it soon. Kris

  3. Lori Puente Lori says:

    Angie, I call it my PollyAnna view of life. But the truth is, it is a choice and I like my choice. Staying informed about things in the world is also a choice and finding that balance and taking a break from it is just necessary to keep me from falling into the abyss! I don’t think I need to hear it day in and day out and I just need to work on moving it more into the background.
    Kris, what happens to our psyche when faced with something like MM is something, add to it all the chemicals and I’m amazed you guys manage to stay sane at all. I’m so happy you are spending time with your family and not blogging as much! It’s a good thing.

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