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“Information is not knowledge.” – Albert Einstein

Boy is that not the truth! I have many people who tell me all the time, how “knowledgeable” I am. I’m not, really. I just have a lot of “information”. I will pass it along to you, but its up to each of us to make sense of it for ourselves and in discussions with our docs.

The makers of Velcade, Millennium, have been working diligently for a while now on their My Multiple Myeloma website. If you haven’t bookmarked it, or taken a spin around the site, you should. It is quite comprehensive. Check back at the site often as they are continuing to upgrade it, tweak it, and add to it.

This is a very good section, with some great graphics, to help you better “understand” the mechanics of Multiple Myeloma.


Also in my Resources tabs you will find other bits of information. YouTube has some nice presentations on the mechanics of what Myeloma is.

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